Analysis: As the West Ponders Aid for Afghanistan, China and Pakistan Are Quick to Provide Relief

ISLAMABAD—As international donors gather in Geneva on Monday to discuss humanitarian relief for Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban terrorist group, neighbors China and Pakistan have already reached out with aid and discussions of future assistance. The economy in the war-torn country is in crisis and a humanitarian crisis is looming, experts say. Yet the United States and other Western nations are reluctant to provide the Taliban with funds until the radical Islamic terrorist movement provides assurances that it will uphold human rights, and in particular the rights of women. The country’s roughly $10 billion in foreign assets, held overseas, are also frozen. “The understandable purpose is to deny these funds to the de facto Taliban administration,” Deborah Lyons, the U.N. Secretary General’s special representative for Afghanistan, told the U.N. Security Council this week. “The inevitable effect, however, will be a severe economic downturn that could throw many more …

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