America’s Old Regime Is a Dangerous Failure on China

Commentary The Biden administration is the last remnant of the Old Regime of America’s foreign policy. Its quixotic negotiations with Russia and, more importantly, accommodation with China seeks America’s return to the era before the Trump administration, where America’s strategic interests were ignored and subverted by Chinese influence and lucre. The Old Regime aided China’s rise. Its damage to America’s interests and allies has been so significant and transparent that a new leadership—one which accurately perceives the China threat—is needed in America’s foreign policy community. The Biden administration has considered reducing U.S. forces in NATO-member states in Central Europe as contingency options, in return for Russian pledges regarding their force levels not to invade the rest of Ukraine. The details are ambiguous and no doubt the Biden administration is considering other contingency options such as changing or eliminating sanctions against Russia. In contrast, it is likely that Russia will not …

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