America Needs an Honest Adult Conversation

Commentary After watching the nasty, petty, and downright dishonest partisan political theatre around the Jan. 6 attacks and the effort to change voting laws, it is obvious that America needs an entirely new conversation about its challenges and its future. As Americans who love our country, it is difficult to disengage from the mean-spirited, constantly vicious, personal, and negative attacks the current political environment promotes. It is even harder to ignore the constant pettiness of the news media and, with few exceptions, the shallow agendas of the reporting community. However, the viciousness and negativity of attack politics is the opposite of what the American people want. Washington avoids reality by focusing on the politics of politics, personality fights, and the trivia of ambitious people seeking publicity. The hunger of the news machine can be fed without ever getting close to substance or historically important questions. Tragically this politics of nasty, …

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