“All Lives Matter, Sir!” – Dan Bongino Dunks on Hack Democrat at House Hearing (Video)

The Democrat was corrected by dan Bongino on his suggestions.

REP. HAKEEM JEFFRIES (D-NY): Mr. Bongino, the police are sometimes able to demonstrate restraint under quite difficult situation — is that correct?
DAN BONGINO: Obviously.
JEFFRIES: Let us review a few examples. James Holmes entered a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, and opened fire on a crowd, killing 12 people and injuring 70. Mr. Holmes was heavily armed with a AR-15, 12-gauge shotgun, and .40-caliber handgun. Yet he was taken into police custody outside of the exact same movie theater with no incident. Mr. Bongino Holmes is that correct?
BONGINO: I am unsure of his or her history. James Holmes wasn’t known by me .
JEFFRIES: He’s white. 2014, Dylann Roof massacred eight parishioners at Mother Emanuel AME church at Charleston. Mr. Roof was heavily equipped, with a high profile glock, .45-caliber pistol, and 88 rounds. The police arrested Dylann Roof with no incident and treated him. Mr. Bongino, Dylan Roof is white — is that correct?
BONGINO: . I really don’t know where you’re going with this. So if he’s white, that does not make him any greater or — it was any awful thing that he did, whether he had been white or Dark. Where you went with this, I am not sure.
JEFFRIES: Correct. Dylann Roof was white. And this past year —
BONGINO: He’s awful.
JEFFRIES: In El Paso, Texas, Patrick Crusius murdered 23 people and wounded dozens. He was armed and utilized an AK-47 yet somehow that he was arrested without incident. Mr. Bongino Crusius is that correct?
BONGINO: Sir, I have no idea of his — his parentage isn’t known by me.
JEFFRIES: He was white.
BONGINO: Again, I do not know why you’re making a racial thing out of it.
JEFFRIES: Reclaiming my period. Sir Since Black lives issue.
BONGINO: . All lives matter. Every life issues, white, black, Asian.

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Dan Bongino refused to play the leftist game which just black lives issue.

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