Alberta Submits Motion Condemning David Suzuki’s Remark That Pipelines Could Be ‘Blown Up’

The Alberta government has submitted a motion condemning prominent environmental activist David Suzuki for his controversial comments over the weekend that pipelines could be “blown up” if politicians fail to act on climate change. The motion introduced by Environment and Parks Minister Jason Nixon on Nov. 23 calls on the Legislative Assembly of Alberta to condemn Suzuki’s comment along with “any comments made calling for the intentional destruction of energy infrastructure” and “incitements of violent eco-terrorism.”   “But, on top of that, we want to call today immediately for David Suzuki to apologize for what he said and to stop any remarks that can in any way be used to support eco-terrorism of any kind inside our country or anywhere,” Nixon said while presenting his motion in the Chamber. Suzuki was at an Extinction Rebellion protest on Victoria Island on Nov. 20, where he spoke with CHEK News, commenting that if …

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