Airing Out Your Roots

What are plants without the planting? Semantic irony aside, aeroponic systems make soil-free plant growth not only possible, but rapid and abundant. The level of efficiency, water conservation, nutrient density and food safety seem almost too good to be true at first glance. Nonetheless, as long as one has the funds and will power to invest in an aeroponic effort, it is just as doable as other farming techniques, and is particularly impressive for urban areas. A quick search of #towergarden on Instagram shows the amazing work people at futuristic-looking farms are currently engaged in around the country and world. One great exemplar is San Clemente Urban Farms in San Clemente, CA. The non-profit, 501c3 organization uses a popular system called Tower Garden® as seen in the accompanying images. Tower Garden’s® aeroponic process has been found to “grow up to 30% more food up to 3 times faster than traditional farming methods, using a small fraction of the water …

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