Airbnb Sends Out “Racism Guide” to White Allies – Urges Them to Show Up and Be an Active Ally

With President Trump declaring he will take speedy and decisive action if local and state officials don’t quell the violent riots occurring across America, homesharing company Airbnb has issued an appallingly anti-white manual to”tackle racism.”
Sent out to hosts and customers early this morning, the six-page”Antiracism” guide necessitates that people actively show support for the violent riots and looting that has spread coast to coast with the help of domestic terrorist association Antifa inflicting pain and destruction in dozens of American cities. Brutal assaults property destruction, and melees on law enforcement officers are the most common denominators from Los Angeles to NYC.
Attorney General Barr: Antifa Rioters Will Be Treated as Terrorists
Regardless of this, Airbnb’s”manual” encourages people to financially support violent rioters and looters. It guides you to a host of films and racial or white guilt articles, designed to pity each person into believing they are the ones . What happened to George Floyd was shocking and dreadful, that is known by everyone. But, burning cities and viciously attacking bystanders or law enforcement officers isn’t how change will happen. It is called terrorism and that is why President Trump has given Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.

Antifa has released plans to assassinate”non-supportive” whites that aren’t actively participating in domestic terrorist activity together or supporting those efforts in another manner. No American should have to see as their cities are terrorized without outcome or be shamed into supporting the domestic terrorist groups causing that destruction.
Read the record for your self and try not to inhale.
Airbnb Antiracism Guide by Jacob Engels on Scribd

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