Ailing Infrastructure in BC, Other Provinces, Highlighted by BC Floods

Washed-out roads and flooded farmlands in British Columbia have brought to light dire infrastructure needs, which policy experts say other provinces also face as existing infrastructure ages and new and necessary infrastructure remains unbuilt. A wet fall capped by torrential rain caused landslides and washed out eight B.C. highways. Some have been reopened for general travel and others for essential travel. The floods have been especially difficult for the Abbotsford area, a problem even more frustrating for city officials given that they have pleaded for years to higher levels of government to upgrade the city’s insufficient dikes. In 2015, engineers hired by the province deemed the condition of the 17-kilometre Sumas dike “unacceptable.” “Overtopping is expected during Nooksack River overflow,” they wrote. “The dike geometry is substandard, causing concern.” In 2019, engineers told the City of Abbotsford it would cost an estimated $446 million to do the necessary reconstruction of the …

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