AG Barr Responds to Judge Emmet Sullivan’s Actions in General Flynn Case with Massive Fire Power

Not only did the Department of Justice respond to tainted Judge Emmet Sullivan’s actions from the General Flynn case yesterday, however, they did so with huge fire power.
After bombshell documents were published which the FBI of Comey styled proved Flynn its case dropped against General Mike Flynn month. 
But the Clinton-appointed Judge Emmet Sullivan created a shocking proceed to delay justice for General Mike Flynn.
Judge Sullivan extended the case by soliciting amicus briefs to allow for public opinion on the criminal case of Flynn.

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Judge Sullivan retired Clinton appointee judge John Gleeson to argue against the government’s motion!
This is unheard of!
This came after the US Supreme Court just 1 week before ruled that rogue judges can’t do exactly what Judge Sullivan is wanting to perform.  The Supreme Court ruled 9-0 from becoming tyrants on the bench, to stop judges like Emmet Sullivan.
On Monday Judge Emmet Sullivan maintained he wasn’t required to”rubber stamp” the Justice Department’s bid to dismiss the case.
This is a statement by the tainted judge turned prosecutor.
On Monday afternoon the Department of Justice responded to the rogue judge reminding Sullivan,”We are the prosecutors here, not you!”
However, what has gone unreported is that the brief filed with the Justice Department has massive fire power.  The response from the Department of Justice came Noel Francisco, from the office of the United States Solicitor General.

Sean Davis in the Federalist reported:

In a indication of how significant DOJ views the constitutional issues in the case, the line lawyern’t just signed the proper brief to the appellate court handling the case of the government. Instead, it had been signed by Noel J. Francisco, the Solicitor General of the United States who is tasked with representing the U.S. government in the most important appellate cases Throughout the nation; Brian A. Benczkowski, the Assistant Attorney General and head of DOJ’s entire criminal branch; Deputy Solicitors General Jeffrey B. Wall and Eric J. Feigin; assistants to the Solicitor General Frederick Liu and Vivek Suri; Michael R. Sherwin, the behaving U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia; Kenneth C. Kohl, the acting Principal Assistant United States Attorney for D.C.; and Jocelyn S. Ballantine, the lineup prosecutor handling the Flynn case at trial.
“The Constitution vests in the Executive Branch the power to choose when–and when not–to violate potential offenses,” DOJ argued in its brief.
“Nor, under the circumstances of this case, may the district court assume the role of prosecutor and initiate criminal charges of its own,” the short continued. “Instead of inviting further proceedings the court should have given the government’s motion to dismiss”

The case is in the hands of the DC Circuit Court.  The plans of obama are over.

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