After Letting Rioters Loot New York City, Gov Cuomo Threatens Hipster Street Party Over Coronavirus

Video of the street party that was relaxed was posted Friday and shows hundreds of people hanging out on a warm June day, not blocking traffic and not stores. Many stores nevertheless are seen boarded up from the rioting permitted by Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The East Village Grieve site posted to Twitter video of the street party:

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Tough man Cuomo tweeted in response,”Don’t make me come down there…”
Before Friday Cuomo signed a police reform bill attended by MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton and other black leaders. Photographs from the event show Sharpton, Cuomo and the other leaders not wearing masks as the leaders gathered approximately Cuomo closer compared to foot societal distancing rule demand.
Cuomo signed police reform bills in Law.”
Two people on the left side of the photo are seen wearing masks.
The Janice Dean, who dropped her both her in-laws to the deadly coronavirus nursing house malfeasance of Cuomo of fox News Channel, known as the governor.
The NRSC’s Matt Whitlock asked Cuomo what he’d do to the St. Mark’s Place partiers,”What exactly are you going to do, throw them into nursing homes?”
Writer Ryan Girdusky discovered,”Funny… I do not recall you being a tough man to all the rioters and looters”

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