After Adopting Siblings, Couple Gives Birth to a Beautiful Baby With Down Syndrome

College sweethearts Tomas and Kirstin Czernek, who live in central Florida, began thinking about starting a family through adoption after 10 years of marriage.
Originally from the Czech Republic, Tomas, 34, owns a financial brokerage, while Kirstin, 36, from New Jersey, is a social media content creator. After both moved to Florida for school, they met in freshman year and soon their friendship blossomed into love.
Just a few months on, they were engaged and a year later, in 2009, they went into junior year married. After a long adoption journey and a biological birth, they are now proud parents to Mia, 7, Kai, 5, and Aria, 3. And the Czerneks could not be happier for their precious and happy family….

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