Academic Study Critical of Lockdowns Largely Ignored by Media, Author Says

An academic working paper released in the spring outlining the failures of pandemic lockdown policies has been largely ignored by media, says its author. Douglas Allen, an economics professor at Simon Fraser University, says his study went viral after he posted it in April and he received positive feedback, leading to interviews on podcasts in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. Even a few politicians reached out, he says. But as far as media goes, his study received little attention. Aside from The Epoch Times, “no major media outlet contacted me,” Allen says. The Toronto Sun did publish a column based on Allen’s findings in April, and former independent MP Derek Sloan mentioned the study to the Kingston Whig-Standard after he was arrested for attending church in April in Aylmer, Ont., in defiance of the lockdown. Allen also published a column in the Financial Post in June outlining his …

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