Abandon Ship! Time for Conservatives to Leave California

Commentary I had been intending—hoping against hope perhaps—to write a very different column. I had made contact with my old friend in the Elder Campaign, Lionel Chetwynd, now Larry’s campaign chairman, to keep me apprised from the inside as the gubernatorial recall election transpired and the once-gorgeous state of California finally revived from its years of self-destruction. I had informed the powers that be at The Epoch Times that I would be giving them my brilliant exclusive insights as the night progressed, to have the presses ready. America, get ready. California was back! And then the Anschluss. Quicker than the flick of an eye, the recall was over. Newsom had won, declared victorious in a near landslide only a few minutes after the polls closed at eight Pacific Time. With their $80 million in campaign funds, Newsom and the Democrats had succeeded in hanging the Trump scarlet letter around Larry …

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