‘A Real-Life Lassie Story’: Loose Shepherd Dog Leads Police to Truck That Rolled Off Interstate to Save Injured Owner

Like an episode from “Lassie,” a Shiloh shepherd in New Hampshire is being hailed a hero after leading state police to the scene of an accident where a pair of motorists were badly injured and in need of rescuing. On the evening of Jan. 3, around 10 p.m., New Hampshire State Police (NHSP) Trooper Sandburg arrived at the Interstate-89 bridge between New Hampshire and Vermont in Lebanon. It was there that he spotted a dog on the loose, 1-year-old Tinsley. Trooper Sandberg and the Lebanon Police at first attempted to corral the canine, but they noticed the shepherd turned northward toward a section of damaged guardrail near the junction at Interstate-91. There, they discovered a badly damaged pickup truck that had rolled over off the roadway. Two men had been ejected from the vehicle with serious injuries and were hypothermic. “The dog wanted Trooper Sandberg and the officers to follow …

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