9 Tips to Get Your First Customers

By Entrepreneur en Español Getting your first client is quite a challenging task (and, truth be told, it could turn into a real headache). These are some ideas that can help you build a portfolio of clients to start your business. Hand Out Flyers It may sound archaic, but it is a very effective strategy for new businesses looking to get noticed. Get closer to the places where your target audience is and distribute flyers to people who meet the profile of your audience. These should be professionally designed and written (watch out: check your spelling very well!) And include your contact details: phone, email, website and social media. Offer Free Samples How can a person know if they like a product or service if they don’t try it? Give free samples or tastings of your product, or offer vouchers for a free service. You can, for example, offer trial classes. Promote these promotions …

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