8 Nail Conditions and What They Mean for Your Health

Have you been taking good care of your nails? Nails can reflect the overall health of our body. We should pay attention to our nails, as when strange patterns or color abnormalities appear on them, they are actually warning signals about our health.
Healthy nails should be pink in color, without lines or spots. The nail plates should be strong, slightly curved, smooth, and shiny. On the contrary, if lines appear on your nails, or if their color is no longer pink, then you should take stock of your health.
1. Horizontal Lines
Horizontal lines on nails are also known as Beau’s lines. Dr. Cai Yishan, director of the Department of Dermatology at Jingxian United Clinic, pointed out that if horizontal lines appear on nails, it means that the body has experienced a major condition, such as a grave illness or severe inflammation. For instance, a couple of months after being discharged from the hospital, one former COVID-19 patient found that almost all of his ten fingernails had horizontal lines on them. There are also children who have recovered from an enterovirus infection who have horizontal lines grow on their nails.

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