5 Reasons Why Knowing How to Listen Is One of the Most Sought After Skills to Work

By Daniel Colombo The true power of communication is knowing how to listen, not speaking. In fact, I always share the idea that we need to listen 80 percent of the time and speak only 20 percent. It is not only about the economy of words, but that, conceptually, the process of connecting with other people through the use of language, accompanied by gestures and emotions, is based on the ability to interpret and accompany what others share with us. Since we are born we have been trained in the art of speaking. Is it because of the early stimulation for us to talk about babies that we have been branded that of talking and talking, and listening much less? How to Train Your Listening Surely you know the public speaking courses; in fact, I have many published books and online and face-to-face trainings on this topic. The proposal, for now, is to develop …

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