5 Historic State Parks in Northern California Worth Visiting in 2023

By John Metcalfe
From Bay Area News Group
Hankering for outdoor experiences that offer the wonder of the past? Try California, home to the largest state park system in the country, including about 50 that are designated as historic. Here are some historic state parks you might want to visit, all within striking distance of the Bay Area.
Columbia State Historic Park
For soaking in the old-timey vibes of the Gold Rush, there’s no better place than this large (and still vibrant) mining town from the 1850s. During its heyday, it was the second-biggest settlement in the state, pulling out more than $1 billion in today’s value in gold. Today, visitors can enjoy its restaurants and historic saloons, take stagecoach rides, dip candles and pan for gold and gemstones – and if you visit on the second Saturday of each month, you can chat up Gold Rush reenactors in full regalia….

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