2 Sisters Re-create an Adorable Photo From Their Childhood When They Played ‘Pregnant’

Two sisters got pregnant at the same time, enabling them to re-create an adorable childhood photo where they had balloons up their dresses, dreaming of becoming mothers. Bri Dietz, 35, and her sister, Chaulet Barba, 33, were ecstatic when they discovered they were both expecting. “It was so special to go through it together. It was actually a dream come true,” Bri, an Instagram influencer from San Diego, California, said. Bri and Chaulet have always shared a special bond. They were very close growing up, playing dolls and pretending to be moms. Continuing to share the same relationship to this day, the two sisters talk on the phone each day. “Even though we live seven hours away, the basis of what our relationship runs on now all these years later is still there, even into our 30s,” Bri said. So when Bri was already four months pregnant with her third daughter, …

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