15-Year-Old Italian Born With Rare Muscle Disease Becomes Extraordinary Concert Cellist

A talented 15-year-old with a never-give-up attitude and passion for music hasn’t let a rare muscle disease and scoliosis come in the way of becoming a concert cellist performing solo around the world. Valentina Irlando, a student and classical cellist from Italy, was diagnosed with her condition when she was just a kid. Owing to her condition, Valentina, who is a wheelchair user, struggles with basic things like picking up a glass of water or a book and going to school, she told The Epoch Times. However, with help from kindhearted individuals around her, she tends to get past the daily challenges. When Valentina was a little girl, she enjoyed playing the piano at her uncle’s house. She was even gifted a toy piano by her parents one Christmas and she enjoyed playing it, but stopped after a while and didn’t go back to it for years, according to Classic …

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