08/26/12 Why You Can’t Make Up Your Mind (Archive)

We talk about renewing the mind. It’s abnormal to make decisions. Our path is laid out for us. Be still and deal with situations.

BOND Archive Sunday Service, August 26, 2012: Jesse Lee Peterson invites people to share questions or observations about their lives. One man Patrick says he has trouble committing to decisions, but Jesse explains that it’s abnormal to make decisions. It’s crazy to follow the mind, what you think and feel. Our path is laid out for us; we have a knowing within.

The things that happen in life are for your good, but when living in a state of judgment and anger, you miss out on life. How do you renew your mind? We talk about prayer versus “talking to God,” and warn against listening to the voice inside your head that sounds like you. Be still; you do not need to make many plans. There is never a reason to be angry. We talk about thoughts and temptations. There is no such thing as choice or free will.

At the end, we read from Romans 1, verses 18-32 about God’s retribution against the ungodliness and injustice of human beings who hold back the truth. People today know what they deserve if they do evil, but they not only do it, but applaud others who do the same.


0:00 Sun, Aug 26, 2012
1:05 Raymond
3:52 Have a life
4:12 Decisions, commitment
10:31 Abnormal to make decisions
15:06 Insane to follow mind
16:45 Path laid out
18:05 Knowing within
22:06 Upsetting occurrences
24:33 Renewed mind
27:12 How to renew the mind
32:10 Praying, talking to God
35:34 Kelly on judgment
36:46 Go through it
40:36 Anger? Not born again
41:17 Voice sounds like me
42:18 Understanding nutty woman
43:16 How to commit to stillness?
45:43 Downtime boredom, planning
48:59 Never reason to be angry
51:06 Temptation pain
54:36 James living off anger
55:51 What about free choice
57:37 Romans 1: 18-32
1:00:18 Support BOND

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