08/11/21 Be Careful How You Associate with Children of Satan

Don’t put anyone on a pedestal, and don’t participate in gossip. Rather, confront! Do you have peace? Look at yourself, not others.

BOND Archive Sunday Service, August 19, 2012: Jesse Lee Peterson warns people not to put him or anyone else on a pedestal as their leader. Speak up to the person, and do not gossip, nor listen to gossip. Be careful how you associate yourself with the children of Satan. They will treat you the same way they treat others. 

Do you have peace? Some talk about the imperfect peace that they have — how gaining peace in their mind is a process, and their attraction to “justified anger.” One woman is letting her adult children go. There is a time to speak up, and a time to let things pass. 

We read from Romans 7: 14-23. Paul talks about the sin living in him that drives him to do what he does not want to do. We have enough trouble in our own lives that we should not concern ourselves with others’ issues and failings. But rather, look at yourself. Welcome boredom. 

Wake up, so that you can deal with evil. Australia is passing laws that suggest horrible prejudices against men. One lady mentions a book “Life Is So Good,” by the grandson of a slave. The author (George Dawson) lived to 103, and accepted the troubles of life without bitterness. We talk a little about living your life right, versus buying your casket and planning your funeral. 

0:00 Sun, Aug 19, 2012
1:31 Don’t have leaders
4:51 Like dating: Blame
5:49 Testing of faith
7:37 Dishonesty, gossip
8:19 Influence of evil
9:53 James on Facebook
11:20 Set an example
13:17 Rachel on gossip
22:36 Speak up in person
25:28 Do you have peace?
28:19 He has “some peace”
30:48 He loves anger
35:17 A time to sue
36:21 She’s letting kids go
39:44 A time not to speak
44:06 Mary on peace
46:50 Finding a verse
47:24 Romans 7: 14-23
48:37 Look at yourself
50:46 Life Is So Good
53:30 Welcome boredom
54:26 Australia evil laws
57:01 More on boredom
58:18 She planned her funeral
1:00:02 Closing


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