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07/08/12 Taking America Back: A Fight Between Good and Evil (Archive)

ARCHIVE Sunday Service: We follow-up on the issue of gossip, then discuss prominent black Americans’ hatred for America. Face the truth with no resistance.

BOND Archive Sunday Service, July 8, 2012: Jesse Lee Peterson follows-up on last week’s discussion about gossip. Some people still engaged in gossip, even after the warning to be aware the prior week! Others weren’t sure. One way to know: Tell the person, “I’m going to tell the person what you said about them!” And see how the gossiper reacts.

Jesse spoke at an event recently — at a Tea Party rally near Fresno, California. The people there told him that he can tell the truth about black Americans, because he’s black. But they don’t like hearing the truth from Jesse either! You have a responsibility to love your fellow man enough to tell them the truth, and not be afraid.

We then discuss the attitude of a black comedian Chris Rock who tweeted that the Fourth of July was Independence Day for white people. He said the slaves weren’t free, but hopefully they enjoyed the fireworks. We should not support such people who hate America. Many black Americans agree, because of their hatred and anger, and the media encourage and enable the spread of this evil.

Another black liberal named Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC also said something crazy — just a nasty person. We can win against these liars.

One man asks how to get over anger for the truth about oneself. He can hear the truth about others all day, but when confronted about his own failure, he trips out. He has a conversation about it in his head a lot; but it’s God who helps you to overcome anger.

Jesse finally has a man read a Bible passage Psalm 91 and speaks on it.

0:00 Welcome to Church
1:13 Gossip follow-up
3:03 Christian gossip
5:30 Being busy?
5:57 Tons of gossipers
8:24 She got emotional
10:12 Show love
12:05 Juicy stuff!
14:56 Wish them well
18:01 You go unconscious
18:39 Tea Party rally
26:13 Chris Rock
30:52 Boycott them!
33:38 Anger and blame
34:30 Unconscious
36:34 Anger at truth
37:50 Gossip about boss!
39:31 Chris Rock, jackass
40:56 Put up no resistance
47:18 Melissa Harris-Perry
49:36 Evil helps evil
50:33 Be still, men and women
53:20 Psalm 91
55:11 Most live in darkness
58:26 Unhappy ego 2 ways
1:00:23 Support BOND


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