05/06/12 Put Up No Resistance Against Life’s Challenges (Archive)

ARCHIVE: Be willing to endure challenges without resistance. Kirsten Powers attacked JLP on Hannity this week.

BOND Sunday Service, May 6, 2012: Jesse Lee Peterson talks with the people about the prior week’s assignment: Watch your thoughts. We had our Men’s Forum earlier in the week. A young lady talks about being honest about herself and with others. Then Jesse gets to his message: Put up no resistance to life’s challenges.

We talk at-length about a viral confrontation between Jesse and liberal political commentator Kirsten Powers, who “hijacked” Sean Hannity’s TV show earlier that week. Although she angrily attacked Jesse and apparently lied about the spontaneity of her ambush, Jesse appreciated the opportunity to share the truth.

SEE VIDEO: Jesse Lee Peterson vs Kirsten Powers on HANNITY: How Feminist Women Are Building A Shameless Society –

We also talk about the cowardice of a megachurch pastor Joel Osteen on display in an interview with Chris Wallace. Many people apologize for the truth out of fear. Husbands do this with wives who resent hearing the truth about themselves.

God does not talk to you in your head; your thoughts mislead you, as does your learning. We are to discover in life, and live in the moment with God. When you realize you are nothing and know nothing, you are freed up. Don’t listen to Satan’s temptations and thoughts. We also talk about anger, expectation, and ill-intentions in doing “good.”


0:00 Welcome to Church
0:59 Watch the thoughts
4:19 Women’s Forum
8:00 Put no resistance
9:29 Reaction to JLP on Hannity
12:09 Kirsten Powers hijacked show
15:59 Not insulted by anything
17:59 Kirsten Powers lied
19:07 God makes ways
21:00 Jesse Jackson confrontation
21:48 Joel Osteen
30:03 Joel Osteen has fear
32:06 Don’t apologize for truth
34:36 Wife discusses relationship
37:09 Thoughts affected perception
38:46 Learning vs discovering
41:18 You are nothing
44:19 I could butter you up
45:09 Imagine Christ
47:22 Satan’s temptations
50:32 If it was from God…
52:52 Don’t listen to your head
55:40 More input about anger
59:20 Last comments
1:00:16 Support BOND

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